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NCA releases first-of-its-kind safety guide for retailers of cold brew coffee

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NEW YORK | JUNE 8, 2022 – The National Coffee Association’s (NCA) all-new Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers, released today, offers coffee businesses unparalleled guidance on the safe brewing, storing, and serving of cold brew -- one of the hottest beverages in today’s coffee market.

Coffee is one of the safest beverages – but an evolving sector calls for updated guidance.  The Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers is the latest addition to NCA’s Cold Brew Toolkit, a suite of industry resources consisting of a model Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan, a health inspection compliance checklist, informational videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and NCA’s 2018 Cold Brew Toolkit for Industry, a safety guide developed for manufacturers of airtight cold brew products.  

With this member-exclusive guide for retailers of cold brew, NCA members are given unparalleled insight into how best to manage the many factors affecting the safe preparation of cold brew coffee, including regulatory compliance, preventing foodborne illness, preparation and storage considerations, and more.

NCA President and CEO William “Bill” Murray commented:

“Cold brew coffee has seen explosive growth since NCA began tracking it in our exclusive consumer research, and is now the third most popular method of brewing coffee.

Without the constant heat applied to traditionally brewed “hot” coffee,  keeping cold brew “cool” requires special attention to food safety. NCA’s new Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers will help coffee businesses capitalize on cold brew’s rocketing popularity while making sure their products and customers are kept safe.  This NCA Member-exclusive benefit is yet another way that NCA ‘Serves Coffee.’ ”

The Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers draws on in-house expertise from Mark Corey, PhD., NCA Director of Science & Policy; members of the NCA’s Science Leadership Council (SLC); existing peer-reviewed research, and the latest in food safety guidance from health regulators.

NCA would like to thank our cold brew partner BUNN, whose support helped make the Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers possible.

For more information about NCA’s cold brew resources, click here. The Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers is an exclusive NCA Member benefit. Learn more about membership with the NCA.

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