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2024 National Coffee Data Trends Market Research Series

Your Gateway to Consumer Insights for Your Coffee Business

Discover the most comprehensive coffee market research series available today, brought to you by the National Coffee Association of the U.S.A. Leveraging over seven decades of data, this series offers unparalleled insights into the evolving patterns of coffee consumption in the US, including a detailed analysis of espresso and espresso-based beverage trends since 1993. The series includes two waves of data with the first wave conducted in January (Spring edition) and the second wave conducted in July (Fall edition).

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2024 NCDT Spring Edition

With data spanning from 1950 to Q1 2024, this exclusive compendium is your key to understanding consumer trends driving the coffee industry. Dive deep into the coffee industry's most detailed market research to make data-driven decisions as you develop your business strategy.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 pages of US coffee drinking trends with key findings on past-day and past-week coffee consumption, financial perceptions, and consumption data according to age, region and ethnicity. 
  • Behavioral metrics describing how, where, and when Americans are consuming coffee with data on the use of whiteners and sweeteners, hot vs cold coffee, in-home vs out-of-home preparation and purchase, and consumption time of day 
  • The latest statistics on cold brew coffee, global coffee, workplace coffee, and drive through and app usage 
  • Attitudes and perceptions toward cold brew coffee and single-cup brewers 
  • Data on the most popular coffee types and preparation methods
  • New winter trending section that provides a year-on-year winter comparison 

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The NCDT Market Research Series includes two editions of the National Coffee Data Trends report—the “Atlas of American Coffee”—along with an interactive dashboard, consumer insight reports, and member exclusives. NCA members receive full access to the NCDT Market Research Series for just $499—an incredible value! Join NCA today.

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  • 2024 NCDT Spring Edition - PDF and PowerPoint analyzing data from 1950 up to Q1 of 2024
  • 2024 NCDT Fall Edition - PDF and PowerPoint analyzing data from 1950 up to Q3 of 2024 (coming Fall 2024)
  • NCDT Interactive Dashboard to explore the latest NCDT data and run built-in and customizable reports and visualizations
  • Specialty Coffee Consumer Insight Report
  • QSR & C-Store Consumer Insight Report (coming Fall 2024) 
  • Cold Brew Consumer Insight Report (coming February 2025)
  • NCA Consumer Insight Reports Archive
  • Complete Data Tables* to run your own in-depth analysis (*Available upon request; additional fee may apply.)

Dates are subject to change.


Non-Members – $1499


  • Spring 2024 NCDT in PDF and PowerPoint formats

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