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NCA, SCA Announce Market Research Collaboration

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6 April 2021 | NEW YORK —The National Coffee Association (NCA) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) announced today (Tuesday) a new collaborative effort supporting the NCA’s biannual National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT) report.

In addition to the biannual reports released by the NCA, this agreement between the two associations will result in the publication of a special report focusing on data related to specialty coffee — made available at no cost to all coffee professionals and businesses.

The NCDT, commissioned annually by the NCA since 1950 and biannually since 2020, is a survey of Americans regarding their consumption of coffee and, since 1993, their habits and practices related to espresso and espresso-based beverages. The NCDT provides the longest available statistical series on coffee consumer trends and behavior, offering demographic insights by gender, ethnicity, and age groups, and showing the popularity of specific drinks and preparation methods.

“This agreement signals the growing relevance of specialty coffee at a time when at-home consumption has grown exponentially with savvy consumers around the world. There are many things to celebrate about this collaboration, but we are particularly excited about the prospect of bringing analysis on specialty coffee data to members of the community, free of charge,” says Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the SCA.

“NCA is thrilled to join with the SCA to further expand the core research pioneered in the National Coffee Data Trends Market Research Series,” said William “Bill” Murray, President & CEO of the National Coffee Association. “By working together to develop a supplemental report focusing on specialty coffee, we’re bringing actionable business insights to more coffee professionals than ever before at a time when they need it most.”

The Spring 2021 NCDT report was released on April 1, and the NCDT Fall Update will be presented at the SCA’s Specialty Coffee Expo taking place in New Orleans from September 30 to October 3 this year.


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