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NCA Convention FAQ

Your Guide to the Coffee Industry Event of the Year

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! The sessions and many of the others features within the platform will be available to all registrants up to 30 days after the live event. 

After completing my registration, when will I receive my login?  

Attendee login details will be shared, via email, by Monday, March 7th. Attendees will be able to log into the Attendee Service Center to update their profile, add sessions to their agenda, and begin networking by visiting the Attendee Networking Center.

How do I access the virtual platform?  

A second pre-convention email will be sent to attendees, at least an hour prior to the start of the convention, with details on accessing the virtual platform.

In what time zone will the sessions and activities be conducted?  

All sessions and programming are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00).  

Can we access a current attendee list?

Yes, however, to protect the privacy of our attendees we have not published a publicly available attendee list. After submitting  payment for your registration, please look out for a confirmation receipt and general attendee post transaction email. A link to the attendee list will be included along with useful details to help you prepare for the upcoming convention. You may also contact Thrisha Andrews at tcandrews@ncausa.org to request access. 


What are the registration rates? 

The current rates are $449 for members and $599 for non-members. Register online (or download the registration form). Learn more about registration pricing and details.

Can we register our team to have them access the educational content? 

Yes, we offer a special virtual convention NCA Member group pricing benefit where companies can register 3 employees, get 7 free registrations! NEW for 2022 - Save more and register unlimited groups of 10. Please note this offer is only available until February 28, 2022.  

How can I become a member to save on the registration rates? 

Visit https://www.ncausa.org/join to discover the various benefits of membership.   

What does my registration include?

Registration includes access to the live event, held on a user friendly interactive virtual platform, conducted over 3 days (March 8-10), during eastern standard time hours. This year’s convention will feature tons of speakers, breakout sessions, wellness breaks, a Coffee Gives Back – Step n’ Serve Challenge, enhanced networking and social opportunities – all available on-demand for 30 days. 

How do I add the Coffee Gives Back – Step n’ Serve Challenge to my registration?

Please either click here to update your registration, submit payment using by downloading the registration form or contact Thrisha Andrews at tcandrews@ncausa.org for assistance. 

Who attends the NCA Convention?

Similar to in-person conventions, the virtual convention brings together a mix of nearly 800 diverse industry professionals across the sector. To learn more about the attendee profile, view a pie chart depicting attendees by organization type or graph with a breakdown showcasing the influence of convention attendees.

What is the cancellation and privacy policy?

Registrations are not eligible for refunds due to the flexibility associated with an online convention format. Replacements are always welcome. By registering, you agree to review and abide by all NCA Convention policies. The NCA Annual Convention Privacy Policy will be updated throughout the registration period. You should periodically review this policy to understand how your personal data will be used/shared.


How can we network and unwind, like we do during in-person meetings, on the online platform?

The interactive eShow platform offers a multiple number of ways to connects with friends and coffee professionals alike. Options include a Coffee Gives Back – Step n’ Serve Challenge, Networking Coffee and Chat breaks, video chat, an Attendee Lounge, and SmartMatch® appointments. To add a level fun and excitement, we will also feature a Game Room, Scavenger Hunt, Health-Focused Wellness Sessions and lively Happy Hours with exciting entertainment. 

What can Attendees do in the Attendee Lounge?

  • Join an Exhibitor chat or start a private chat with another registrant using the search feature.
  • Schedule and manage appointments with other attendees and exhibitors based upon the search option in the SmartMatch® Appointments Area.
  • In the SmartMatch® Appointments area, you can search for other attendees to contact them via email, update your profile to be matched with exhibitors and attendees, and view exhibitor or attendee matches.
  • Conduct a Keyword Search to find other participants, documents, products, sessions, and videos
  • Download Resource Center Documents 

What kind of engagement is offered through the Chat Feature?

  • The NCA encourages you to use the Chat function to network with other participants, share ideas, and greet one another. The Chat function will be open during the live event, March 8-10.
  • Take note of how the presenter intends to utilize the Q&A field. Participate in questions and polls to stay engaged with the session.
  • Questions for the presenters can be submitted through the Q&A function or within the chat.
  • An opportunity to request a one-on-one video chat.
  • Don’t forget to check the Networking Portal regularly so won’t miss a message from a friend or colleague! 

How can we meet new people during the Networking Coffee and Chat breaks and Luncheon Demonstrations?

The Networking Coffee and Chat breaks and Luncheon Demonstration are great networking opportunities! In these events, you will be able to reserve your seats in advance and can video chat with the other five people at your table. You may also move to another table, provided there is an open seat. Additional details on the Luncheon Demonstration will be shared in coming weeks. Sponsorship options are still available to feature your company's brand! 


What platform is the NCA using the host the Virtual Convention?

eShow! View their company website here.

Set Up and Test Your Equipment in Advance

  • We recommend you use a computer or a tablet for the best experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone.
  • Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers and will give you the best experience.
    • Make sure you are on the most current version!
    • Allow cookies to our sites.
    • Allow pop-up windows on our sites.
    • Allow your browser access to your mic & camera if you are participating in video chats.
    • Please do NOT use Internet Explorer as it is not compatible with the platform.
  • Do not connect with a VPN during the conference; turn off your VPN.
  • Firewall minimum requirements: Assumed by default is that TCP ports 80 and 443 are open. Some firewall rules only allow for TCP traffic over port 443, make sure that all traffic can pass over this port. If you continue to experience issues, you may need to open UDP ports 1025 - 65535.
  • Do a few systems checks as soon as possible:
    • Run an Internet Speed Test to ensure a good browsing experience. Any speed less than 25 mbps may result in slower page loads.
    • BigMarker is the session platform we’ll be using. Run a BigMarker systems check to ensure smooth sailing for session participation.
  • Test your system at again at least 60 minutes prior to the live event. This includes your network connection, device battery life (including keyboard and mouse!), and speakers.
  • The NCA is unable to assist with IT issues such as browser permissions (i.e. if your camera is not discoverable or blocked), firewall issues, etc. Please contact your organization's IT department for help on these matters. See here to problem solve Firefox camera and mic permissions. See here to problem solve Chrome camera and mic permissions.

Control Your Environment as Best You Can

  • Mute other devices that might interfere with your computer audio.
  • Create a learning-conducive environment, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Close out of other tabs and mute notifications, if possible.
  • Prepare your space with anything you may need during the virtual program (appropriate chargers, note-taking materials, water, etc.).

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties

  • The webinar technology runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WiFi connections may be spotty.
  • Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try to refresh the page.
  • If you have any problems within the eShow platform, there will be a Help Desk available during the conference.

Need technical help with the virtual platform or have a general conference question during the event?

Stop by the Help Desk during the live event where NCA staff can help you. Have more questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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