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NCA National Coffee Data Trends

National Coffee Data Trends 2019

Behaviors & Perceptions of US Coffee Drinkers

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The NCA National Coffee Data Trends database is the industry's most comprehensive (and consistent) resource for tracking US coffee consumption trends.

What's New in 2019

The NCA “National Coffee Drinking Trends" report has been renamed “National Coffee Data Trends.”

Why the change?

Because the NCA NCDT is more than just another research report.

It’s a powerful database and digital toolkit to meet your business' unique and evolving needs – including a new Powerpoint report format for convenient customization. 

The 2019 NCDT also includes expanded questions and categories, including:

  • Bubble tea
  • Ready-to-Drink
  • CBD (cannabidiol)

See the 2019 NCDT table of contents, methodology, and background information

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NCDT Interactive Database

Disclaimer: The demonstration video above contains outdated NCDT data.

See the 2019 NCDT table of contents, methodology, and background information

When you purchase the 2019 NCDT, you will receive a PDF and a PowerPoint version of the report, plus access* to the NCDT online interactive platform, which includes the ability to customize on-demand reports by key demographics (see the video below to learn more).

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or 212.766.4007. Media inquiries may contact



*Access to the online, interactive platform is provided on a complimentary basis to purchasers of the NCDT. Access becomes active with your NCDT purchase and terminates upon release of the 2020 NCDT. Purchase of next year’s NCDT will be accompanied by new access privileges requiring newly assigned login credentials. Login credentials are strictly for use by the organization/individual to which they have been assigned, and may be revoked at any time for user misuse of access privileges.

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National Coffee Drinking Trends

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NCDT Infographic 2019

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