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Why Joining the NCA Should Be Your New Year's Resolution 

Success in the coffee industry requires that you never stop learning - whether it’s refining your skills, discovering new innovations, or growing your business.

For more than 100 years the NCA has protected the interests of the U.S. coffee market– and 2016 was no different. Coffee was the subject of an inquiry by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm, caffeine is under scrutiny by the FDA, and new laws went into effect concerning labor and coffee imports. The NCA addressed all of these issues – and many more – in 2016.

As we turn to 2017, the impact of the recent presidential election is far from understood. Government rules, regulations, and even entire government departments are facing the potential for wholesale change – which could significantly impact many aspects of the coffee business. There’s never been a more important time for you to be a member of the NCA!

Start 2017 Informed, Focused and Prepared

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  • Exclusive Updates – NCA’s Coffee Reporter Weekly, an online newsletter specially curated to keep NCA members up-to-date on industry issues and trends.
  • Market Research - Industry-specific intelligence to power better strategic decisions for your business, including monthly “market sizing” reports showing consumption trends.
  • Coffee Education – Cutting-edge webinars on current business topics to help your organization grow.
  • Targeted Networking – High-level industry connections that can close deals and boost your business.
  • Spotlight Your Brand – Broad peer recognition as a leader in the coffee industry.
  • The Coffee Career Center – The industry’s comprehensive, coffee-specific employment resource.
  • Advocacy & Government Affairs – Knowledge, analysis and advocacy on legislative, regulatory and compliance issues that can keep your business from unnecessary government action.
  • Scientific Affairs – The wisdom and experience of the industry’s exclusive “think tank” of senior scientists, who regularly study coffee science and its important implications for consumer attitudes, industry integrity and regulatory compliance.
  • Member Discounts – A broad menu of savings that will help your bottom line.

See our benefits summary below for details, or check out the NCA Membership Benefits guide, which highlights the vast array of resources and services designed to keep member companies on top of their game and ahead of the curve in 2017.

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