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Government relations and advocacy

Coffee boosts the U.S. economy and Americans’ daily lives, while supporting sustainability and development in the United States and around the world.

In its long journey from seed to cup, coffee crosses borders and touches a wide range of policy, regulatory, and trade issues.

As the voice of the U.S. coffee sector for more than 100 years and the only national organization representing the entire coffee value chain, NCA works to help coffee navigate these issues. NCA works with members to monitor the global landscape and identify issues that could impact the U.S. coffee market, including issues that affect coffee production, consumption, and sustainability. We ensure that U.S. government agencies and international organizations are aware of coffee’s context and many benefits for coffee farmers, coffee drinkers, and the U.S. economy. 

NCA advocates for regulations and policies that facilitate coffee production, trade, and consumption, because coffee is a positive driver for the U.S. economy supporting nearly 1.7 million jobs and generating more than $225 billion in economic activity every year. 

NCA’s government relations activities include identifying coffee priorities, developing resources for members, providing governments with evidence of coffee’s benefits, connecting stakeholders, and more. We aim to ensure positive outcomes for coffee across issue areas including:

● Agricultural research and innovation

● Environmental sustainability

● Farmers’ livelihoods

● Nutrition and food safety

● Business, jobs, and trade


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