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Lessons from the Past

Lessons from the Past

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Since COVID-19 swept into our lives several weeks ago, we have received many questions from the coffee industry about what they can expect from consumers during this crisis.

How did consumers react the last time a pandemic hit? How did the coffee community weather the last recession? And what can be done in terms of business planning?

To help shed light on these questions, Cheryl Hung of Dig Insights analyzed data from the National Coffee Data Trends survey to uncover changes in coffee consumption and consumer behavior stemming from the 2008 financial crisis and 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak.

In this webinar recording, she shares her findings and offers insights to help us learn from the past so we can better prepare for the future. 

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Cheryl Hung, Vice President of Research, Dig Insights

Cheryl’s career in market research began in a small boutique firm coding verbatims. She was quickly exposed to a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, providing her with opportunities to help clients solve their business issues with innovative approaches to analyze consumer behavior. Over the last several years, Cheryl has led the analysis on the National Coffee Association and Coffee Association of Canada's annual beverage tracking studies.

NCDT National Coffee Data Trends


As we move through the phases of the pandemic, new consumer behaviors and attitudes will emerge. Will your brand be ready?

NCA Members get free access to the first wave of coffee data, arriving May 8th. Learn more (PDF – 199 KB) or contact Cheryl Hung for details: cheryl@diginsights.com