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Did you furlough your staff or direct employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you may be able to save money by reducing your workers compensation insurance premiums. See this bulletin from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) for more information (NCA log-in required.)

Free webinar: Navigating Workers Compensation and Furloughed Employees in COVID-19


Protect Your Business

NCA has teamed up with Bouvier Insurance to provide NCA members with service, savings – and savvy.

Why? Because you’ve asked us to!

  • More than one-third of NCA members surveyed (37%) have told us that they are experiencing issues with their broker or insurance program;
  • Less than one-half of NCA members report that their broker has discussed Cyber Insurance.
  • More than a third of NCA members (33.3%) report that they’d like to see improvements in their insurance program’s knowledge of their coffee business.
  • Numerous NCA members have reported that their insurance carriers’ poor understanding of diacetyl has created issues for their coverage.

Bouvier Insurance – which has deep experience providing insurance to small and medium businesses, including restaurants - has worked with NCA to understand coffee industry issues, especially those relating to diacetyl. 

Through an exclusive partnership, NCA members can now obtain insurance coverage from Bouvier to meet all of their business needs in a program that is designed to provide:

  • Comprehensive coverage;
  • Excellent service;
  • Cost savings;
  • Familiarity with coffee-specific issues such as diacetyl;
  • Potential premium discounts
  • Customized loss control and risk management – for example, education and tips to reduce claims.(See related NCA resources on Industrial Hygiene)

Learn more about how this program can benefit you and your business:

Marybeth Stanford
Chief Operating Officer
Bouvier Insurance
29 North Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06107
Local: 860-232-4491 x138
Toll Free: 800-357-2000
Fax: 860-232-6637
Email: mstanford@binsurance.com




Webinar: Navigating Workers Comp and Furloughs in COVID-19