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Most Recent Member Alerts

New E.U. Regulations Likely to Impact Coffee

11/19/2021 - The European Union is currently drafting three new ambitious sustainability initiatives as part of the European Green Deal. These provisions, which address soil health, deforestation, and waste management, would not directly impact U.S.-based coffee operations, but may impact E.U. suppliers and serve as a model for future legislation in the U.S.

Osha Issues Emergency Temporary Standard Regarding Covid-19 Workplace Vaccination Policies

11/5/2021 - This week, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued an emergency temporary standard (ETS) to protect workers from coronavirus. The ETS applies to any employer with more than 100 workers, meaning it would apply to many NCA members.

Ethiopia Facing Removal from African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Trade Preference Program

11/3/2021 - Many of us share concern over the growing unrest in Ethiopia, the innocent civilians impacted by the civil war and the growing humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold. Directly related to this situation, yesterday the Biden Administration issued a statement regarding the U.S. Government’s intent to remove Ethiopia from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade preference program on January 1, 2022 in response to “gross violations of internationally recognized human rights being perpetrated by the Government of Ethiopia.”

The FOREST Act of 2021

10/13/2021 - On October 6, 2021, the Fostering Overseas Rule of Law and Environmentally Sound Trade (FOREST) Act was introduced in the U.S. Congress. The aim of the legislation is to create a framework for the U.S. Government to deter illegal deforestation driven by the production of certain “covered commodities:” palm oil, soybeans, cattle, cocoa, rubber, and wood pulp.

ICO seeks assistance producing new Coffee Market Development Toolkit

9/10/2021 - Over the past year, the ICO has been particularly active in looking at policies and programs that support improved farmer livelihoods in ways that respect sustainable farming practices. The ICO is now seeking tenders for the creation of a “Coffee Market Development Toolkit” intended to help spur stronger markets for coffee, building upon similar work done by the ICO in 2004. 



New Lawsuits of Coffee Labeling

7/27/2021 - Recent class action lawsuits have targeted major coffee brands and retailers over the improper labeling of coffee products. Here's what you need to know.

New FDA allergen labeling requirement

6/9/2021 - New legislation recently signed into law by the Biden Administration requires the mandatory labeling of sesame as a food allergen on food and beverage packaging. 



U.S. and E.U. agree to 5-year truce protecting coffee from retaliatory tariffs
6/21/2021 - NCA would like to thank our members and industry partners who joined us in urging the U.S. Government to keep coffee off the list of retaliatory tariffs and helped us protect our sector.

Following Industry Action, Coffee Removed from Retaliatory Tariff List
8/13/2020 - Due in no small part to our collective industry action objecting to these harmful proposals, coffee has been largely spared from the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)’s updated list of products subject to 100% retaliatory tariffs.

NCA Action Opposing Newly Proposed Tariffs on Roasted, Decaffeinated, and Instant Coffee
7/15/2020 -  The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) is considering applying up to 100% tariffs on instant, roasted and decaffeinated coffee imports from European Union (EU) countries and the United Kingdom (UK) due to an ongoing trade dispute. NCA will be filing opposition to these proposed tariffs before the July 26, 2020 deadline for public comment. We urge you to join us in opposition by filing your own comments with USTR.



Help Urge the U.S. Government to Support Coffee Farmers, Climate & Sustainability Initiatives

6/17/2021 - NCA members are engaged in a wide array of sustainability-related efforts, such as those captured by the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. Despite this growing support, there is – and always will be – more to do, especially as the global demand for coffee is forecast to grow in the decade ahead.


National Coffee Data Trends

Spring 2021 NCDT Now Available

4/1/2021 - Special pricing and feaures exclusive to NCA Members. 



Covid-19 Vaccines and Coffee Industry Workers

1/20/2021 - How the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines may impact those working in the coffee industry, which has been deemed "critical infrastructure" by the U.S. government. 


U.S. Dietary Guidelines

U.S. Dietary Guideines Released

12/29/2020 - The Dietary Guidelines for Americans released today (Tuesday) reaffirm that coffee can be part of healthy diets, which is great news for the two-thirds of Americans who drink coffee each day, more than any other beverage.

NCA Strongly Opposes Proposed Changes to U.S. Dietary Guidelines

8/11/2020 - Building on our previous advocacy efforts to ensure coffee stays recognized as the healthy beverage it is, this week the NCA vigorously opposed the 2020 DGAC report in oral testimony and in comments submitted to the Secretaries of HHS and Agriculture.


Misleading ABC News story on decaf coffee airing tomorrow

10/28/2020 - NCA issues alert about misleading story set to air on ABC News. 

Organic Enforcement

NCA Position Statement on Proposed Changes to Organic Enforcement Standards

10/2/2020 - NCA files comment with the USDA in opposition to proposed rule changes to organic enforcement standards that would prove onerous for many in the coffee supply chain. 


NCA Year in Review

NCA Year in Review

9/23/2020 - NCA CEO Bill Murray reviews the challenges coffee faced in 2020, how NCA responded, and opportunities for the industry and association in 2021. 


Prop 65

Victory for Coffee in New Prop 65 Ruling

8/26/2020 - A California judge on Tuesday affirmed the state of California’s May 2019 ruling that coffee is not subject to the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65.


Coffee and Health

American Cancer Society: Coffee Reduces Cancer Risk
6/10/2020 - Drinking coffee reduces the risk of multiple types of cancer, according to new American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines for lifestyles that lower cancer risk.

Study: Coffee May Reduce Risk of Depression by up to One-Third
5/12/2020 - A new meta-analysis of independent research has shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to be depressed than non-drinkers, and that coffee may reduce depression risk by up to one-third. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Urge Gov. Cuomo to Clarify the Safe Use of Break Rooms and Vending Services in New York
6/1/2020 - As office-based work resumes, New York State officials have issued conflicting advice about whether - or how - to reopen office break rooms. The resulting confusion could actually have a negative impact on public health by forcing employees to leave their work premises and therefore have more social contact than they would by remaining on premises in a safe, controlled break room or lunch facility.

NCA Statement: Coffee is Safe to Drink 
5/20/2020 - Coffee itself has never been considered to be a means of coronavirus transmission. While there may be practical differences in how and where we enjoy our coffee, coffee is, and will continue to be, safe to drink.

COVID-19 Resources: State Regulations, Sick Leave, and Economic Relief
3/27/2020 - This week we made some important updates to our COVID-19 Resource Center relating to state and local restrictions, newly-enacted sick leave rights for employees and requirements for employers, and economic relief measures to help workers and businesses hurt by the pandemic.

FAQ and Resources: Coffee and the 2019 Novel Coronavirus 
3/17/2020 - To aid our members and the public in understanding what the 2019 novel coronavirus means for the coffee industry, we have assembled a coffee- and food-focused FAQ to help shed light on how to better protect yourself and your coffee business from this new threat.

Business Continuity – “Safe Passage” Letter
3/22/2020 - In the face of widespread confusuion over which employees are considered "essential" and exempt from state and local shelter-in-place or similar orders limiting public gatherings, we have provided a sample letter that companies may give their employees to carry when traveling to or from work.

DHS: Food & Beverage Industry Considered Part of Nation's "Critical Infrastructure"
3/20/2020 - Following calls for clarity from the NCA and food industry leaders, DHS has issued guidance clarifying food and agriculture's role in the naiton's critical infrastructure.

Update on NCA Operations and Available Resources
3/19/2020 - An overview of what the NCA is doing to support our Members during the COVID-19 crisis, including links to available resources.

NCA, Food Leaders to Officials: Keep Store Shelves Stocked During COVID-19 Crisis
3/18/2020 - Today the National Coffee Association and other food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods leaders asked elected officials to help ensure an adequate supply of essential goods during the COVID-19 crisis.

NCA Statement on Coronavirus and the Coffee Supply Chain
3/11/2020 - We at NCA want to provide you with the latest information and resources on the coronavirus and possible impacts to the coffee industry and steps your organization can take to prepare.


Coffee and Health

NCA Submits Comments to Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
2/7/2020 - The NCA routinely submits comments to the DGAC backed by the latest peer-reviewed research on coffee and health. This week the NCA, in consultation with the NCA Science Leadership Council (SLC), submitted new comments to further highlight coffee’s popularity and role as a healthy beverage in the American diet.


USTR Makes Decision Regarding Coffee's Removal from Retaliatory Trade List
2/17/2020 - On January 9th we wrote seeking your assistance for our efforts to have coffee excluded from the list of products that were facing the prospects of tariffs of up to 100%; these tariffs would have affected instant, roasted, and roasted decaffeinated coffee from the EU.

Help Us Remove Coffee from U.S. Tariff Retaliation List
1/9/2020 - As part of a trade dispute involving Boeing, Airbus, and aircraft manufacturing subsidies, certain coffee exports from Europe to the US have been targeted for retaliation in the form of duties that could range up to 100% of the declared value of the imports. You can help fight these duties by sending a short note to Washington to protest this move.


NCA Response to Allegations of Child Labor in Guatemalan Coffee Farms
3/2/2020 - The U.S. coffee industry is a leader in developing and implementing industry standards that help coffee-growing communities thrive as safe homes for coffee farmers, their families, and most especially their children. 


NCA Next
10/21/2019 - Coffee's challenges and opportunities in 2020 and beyond require ambition and investment at greater scale than ever before. None of us can match that scale alone, which is why NCA is committed to serving as the voice of coffee's future and the future of coffee's voice.


New Tariffs on German Coffee Imports
10/7/2019 - A recent ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the European Union (E.U.) over illegal loan subsidies to Airbus has paved the way for the Trump Administration to impose new duties on about $7.5 billion worth of goods, including some coffee products imported from Germany.


Glyphosate and Coffee
9/27/2019 - You may have seen reporting this morning regarding the detection of small amounts of the widelyused, EPA-approved herbicide glyphosate in green coffee beans. Although the amounts detected were within regulatory limits, this reporting has caused concern for some members.


Update on Proposed Tariffs on E.U. and China Coffee Imports
9/26/2019 - Since early 2019, the NCA has been reporting on the escalation of proposed tariffs and duties assessed against coffee imports. The proposed tariffs are widely seen as retaliatory and made in response to measures imposed by other countries that the U.S. government feels are anticompetitive.


NCA Partners with the Sustainable Coffee Challenge to Launch the Plant Trees. Save Coffee Campaign
9/24/2019 - The NCA is proud to partner with Conservation International and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge on the Plant Trees. Save Coffee campaign.

Coffee Prices

Green Coffee Prices, Farmers, and You
9/20/2019 - The world's record supply of coffee and massive productivity in some producing countries is keeping green coffee prices stable at levels that are challenging farmers with higher costs.


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