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NCA Sustainability Showcase

NCA Sustainability Showcase

The future of coffee depends on integrating sustainability into every aspect of the supply chain.

We are proud to recognize the important work that NCA members are doing across the sector, from improving the conditions at origin to developing eco-friendly facilities and recyclable packaging materials.

Whether you’re curious about what’s being done or looking for inspiration, take a look at how these organizations are making a positive difference today.

 If you’re an NCA member and would like to see your company included in this directory, please contact us at info@ncausa.org. Not a member? Find out how you can join the NCA community.

Industry Initiatives

ABN AMRO Bank N.V.   For ABN AMRO, sustainability means adhering to the values and business principles of the bank and bringing sustainable solutions to the current and future human, natural and financial needs of the bank's stakeholders and the organization itself, that are in line with the bank’s moderate risk profile
Ahlstrom Windsor Locks   Apart from a global sustainability program we also design products to biodegrade.
Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants   Promoting Direct trade from coffee producers to coffee roasters.
American Packaging Corporation  

APC’s goals are to be accountable for our actions while remaining focused on improving the environment by funding education support, continuing internal research, preserving natural resources, minimizing waste and evaluating manufacturing operations for efficiencies and environmental impacts.

Atlantic (USA), Inc.   As a member of the ECOM Group, Atlantic USA works closely with SMS (Sustainability Management Services) to provide technical assistance and crop improvement to producers
Barrie House Coffee & Tea   We support fair trade and organic growers. All our single cup capsules are recyclable.
Be Green Trading SA   Focus on financing futures transactions for cooperatives and producers linked to sustainably certified coffees.

In a world of growing demand yet finite resources, efficient food production and energy use are an imperative for Bühler’s customers to drive business successfully into the future. For Bühler, developing sustainable solutions is not just a fundamental business driver but also a core company principle. All new Bühler solutions will cut 30% of energy consumption and waste by 2020.

BUNN   Recognizing that our business operation impacts the total environment, the Respect Earth® initiative reflects BUNN’s continuing focus on preserving the Earth for future generations throughout our supply chain. We are driven to continually incorporate this respect for our natural resources into our daily business practices and products.
Cargill   You cannot control the commodities markets, but they can definitely control you. At Cargill, we know where there is risk, there is also an opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive. With Cargill Risk Management we help you minimize uncertainty and maximize opportunity.
Coffee Express Co.   Use of organic and Fair Trade coffees; extensive use of recyclable packaging materials; tight control of energy use; community involvement
Compañia Hondureña del Café (COHONDUCAFE)/Fundacion COHONDUCAFE  

as part of its social and corporate responsibility cohonducafe has worked hard to address the main challenges facing honduran coffee growers, such as: low farm productivity, migration and climate change. to this end, strategic alliances have been established with ngos, government institutions, universities, coffee buyers and international cooperation agencies such as usaid, to develop actions that contribute to improving the livelihoods of coffee families and reduce the intention to migrate from coffee-growing areas to cities or other countries.




conservation international sustainable coffee challenge   the sustainable coffee challenge is a movement to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product. partners from across the coffee sector are focused on driving collective efforts towards a shared understanding of sustainable coffee production, ensuring new and more ambitious commitments to sustainable coffee, and stimulating the necessary investment to support the transformation of the sector.
f. gaviña & sons, inc.   we have a comprehensive sustainability program that covers many aspects of our business.
fairtrade america   fairtrade is an alternative approach to trade that empowers farmers, companies and consumers to share the benefits of trade more equally. our vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential and shape their own future. by complying with the social, economic and environmental criteria in the fairtrade standards, farmers, traders and brands can improve the sustainability and ethical character of their entire supply chain.
fair trade usa   fair trade usa is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers; protects fragile ecosystems; and builds strong, transparent supply chains through independent, third-party certification. its trusted fair trade certified™ label signifies that rigorous standards have been met in the production, trade and promotion of fair trade products from over 80 countries. fair trade usa also provides critical capacity-building programs at origin, and educates consumers about the power of their purchase.
farmer brothers   farmer brothers is committed to sustainability from tree to cup. through our social, environmental and economic development initiatives (seed) we strive to form long-term relationships with growers, reduce our carbon footprint and implement sustainability initiatives that ensure the coffee we roast benefits our farmers, our customers and our employees.
global coffee platform   the global coffee platform is an inclusive multi-stakeholder sustainability platform aligning the activities of a diverse network of stakeholders to set into action the global commitments made through vision2020 and create a thriving and sustainable coffee sector.
hartley transportation, llc   smartway transport carrier / smartway reduces transportation-related emissions that affect climate change, reduce environmental risk for companies and increase global energy security.
industrias marino, s.a. de c.v.   social responsibility for café el marino is the voluntary commitment to responsibility based on our business vision complying with the policies, criteria, internal and external guidelines as well as national and international standards.
the j.m. smucker company   the j.m. smucker company aims to offer a coffee experience that will impact lives via responsible sourcing, smallholder support, and integrated environmental efforts that enable a viable livelihood for producers so that generations of consumers enjoy a sustainable cup of coffee.
jnp coffee, llc  

sustainability means strengthening burundi’s coffee-growing communities. we share the premium prices our high-quality coffees achieve with women farmers. our “dushime” program (let’s be thankful, in kirundi) shifts social norms, giving women ownership rights, education access and brighter futures.

keurig dr pepper inc.  

as keurig dr pepper creates a beverage company of the future, our combined size and scale provides a significant opportunity—and responsibility—to preserve and protect the environment and give back to society in the local and global communities where we have offices, operations, suppliers, and consumers. as our two companies become one, we’re working to unify our corporate responsibility goals and strengthen our commitment to making a positive impact.

in the meantime, you can learn more about the current programs and commitments by reading the keurig green mountain sustainability report at http://www.brewabetterworld.com.

louis dreyfus company  

louis dreyfus company is helping take the necessary measures to remedy the food supply issues of the coming decades. concern for the environment and the communities it operates in is embedded in the way we do business and formalized in our group code of conduct.

massimo zanetti beverage usa   mzb-usa is at the forefront of addressing the waste issue associated with single-serve coffee and has launched the world's first bpi® certified 100% compostable single-serve coffee pod. we also lead in water conservation by recycling and reusing water in three stages of the coffee production process: (1) hydro-electricity for the entire operation; (2) wet milling; (3) drip irrigation. while sustainability is inherent to our business, we are devoted in all aspects of corporate social responsibility, including promoting safe and fair farming practices around the globe and giving back to the communities where we work by providing healthcare, education, and assistance to those in need.
melitta north america   as a global coffee company, melitta is responsible for our entire production process.  we therefore set the highest-possible standards for our quality, production and suppliers. one major initiative is our solar panels, which allow us to produce 20% of our own energy.
mercon coffee group  

mercon coffee group is a global, green coffee supplier with the purpose of building a better coffee world. as an organization, we are extremely proud of incorporating social and environmental responsibility in our business model. we are strongly committed to transforming lives in coffee growing communities and creating a circle of prosperity for generations to come —because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience our favorite beverage—now, and for years to come.

napa valley coffee roasting co.  

the napa valley coffee roasting company has taken numerous steps to becoming a green business. we use low flow water appliances, cfl light bulbs, low toxic cleaning products, and we have expanded our recycling habits. we have also set our thermostats to regulate heating and air conditioning.


old city coffee


one location composting and 100% of empty coffee bags are donated to local urban farmers.

outlook group corporation  

outlook group's sustainability program is based on three elements: concern for limited natural resources, commitment to conservation & emphasis on operational efficiency


sustainable development is most likely to succeed when individuals and businesses join forces to pursue this goal together. rabobank aims to empower customers and strengthen their communities by providing financial services in conjunction with access to its knowledge and networks.

rockline industries  

we started with an idea of doing the right thing, were spurred on by our customers and now consider it a commitment to being good stewards of our impact on the environment. more sustainable materials, products, and facilities enable us to provide better value to our customers and communities — all while reducing our environmental footprint.

rothfos corporation  

rothfos corporation is part of the the neumann gruppe. in 2005, the neumann gruppe started the hans r neumann stiftung foundation. the foundation is involved in numerous sustainability projects.

royal cup coffee inc.  

at royal cup, we measure sustainability success using the triple bottom line. this framework captures an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational success by social responsibility, economic stability and environmental stewardship.

s&d coffee and tea   s&d coffee & tea is accelerating its leadership, investing in sustainable practices throughout the business, committed to environmental efficiencies in operations and is deeply focused on strengthening the supply chains for coffee and tea.
swiss water  

the swiss water® process is chemical free, which maintains the chain of sustainability from farm to cup. to achieve that, we take a process that’s already free of chemicals, continually improve and innovate this process to be more efficient, and deliver higher quality while actively managing resource usage. we also go beyond decaffeination to support causes and initiatives that make a real impact in communities near and far..

tc transcontinental packaging ultra flex   investment in advanced equipment & processes to reduce voc emissions, increase energy use efficiency & reduce waste; participation in energy consumption reduction programs; strict waste management and recycling practices; dedication to development of compostable material options.
zip-pak   our product offerings reflect the changing needs of our customers as recycling becomes more important.  the standards to which our manufacturing plants and corporate citizenship programs adhere are well above the norm.