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NCA Coffee Food Safety Plan Templates

Coffee Food Safety Plan Templates

The NCA now offers coffee-specific model safety plan templates to help you stay in compliance – as required by FSMA.

The historic 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) focused on prevention and established new rules to reduce potential food-borne health risks.

Although coffee is a low-risk food, the FDA now requires food safety plans for nearly all food manufacturing facilities (and yes, coffee is a food). This includes green coffee importers, roasters, manufacturers of flavored coffee, and processors of decaffeinated coffee.

How the NCA Can Help

To help organizations get started, the NCA  developed model food safety plan templates tailored to coffee manufacturing settings, with industry-specific hazards and controls -- exclusively for NCA members.

These templates must be tailored to your specific facility, and include: 

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Why Use the Model Coffee FSMA Templates?

Developed by experienced coffee industry food safety experts, these templates can be used to develop a specific plan for your facility or to update and strengthen an existing plan.

Your customers expect you to be in compliance with safety standards. And you company could be hit with potentially severe fines and other penalties for non-compliance with FSMA.

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Please note that the NCA Food Safety Templates for Roasted, Decaf, Flavored, and Complete Saver Bundle are available to NCA members only.

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Note:  These are templates – not actual food safety plans.  Each template is a detailed compilation of potential hazards and mitigation, but needs to be tailored to reflect the actual facility, production, and food handling processes that are associated with a specific location.  FSMA requires that food facility safety plans be prepared under the oversight of a properly qualified individual, or Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI.)  The NCA can only provide general information, guidance, and resources.  It is up to YOU to make informed decisions for your own organization, product and process!

Special thanks to our colleagues at the Green Coffee Association, who volunteered their time and expertise to help create these templates.


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