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Prop 65 and Coffee

The NCA Guide to Coffee & Prop 65

What the science says about coffee, acrylamide, and health.

As the advocate for the US coffee industry, the National Coffee Association has worked to fight the imposition of  "cancer warning labels" for coffee, which could be required under California's Prop. 65.

There’s good reason for this fight. There is overwhelming, independently conducted scientific research which has led researchers to conclude that coffee does not cause cancer.  In fact, the findings suggests that coffee may possibly prevent some kinds of cancer, and offer additional potential health benefits. To that end, the US Government itself recently concluded that coffee may be part of a healthy lifestyle.

While the bottom line about coffee is simple, Prop 65 has created a long, confusing, and costly problem for coffee drinkers and coffee businesses. 

See the resources below to better understand the issue, and the impact on your coffee business.

And if you're a coffee drinker, learn more about coffee and health according to the science - not the myth.

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