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Coffee rust at a farm in Cauca, southwestern Colombia

Coffee tree leaves afflicted by La Roya. CC Image courtesy of Flickr - Neil Palmer (CIAT)


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir

Coffee is more than a beverage – it’s our livelihood.

Women farmers of the Cocamu Coffee Cooperative in Rwanda with their coffee treesMore than 100 million people are directly involved in the coffee business worldwide.

On the production side alone, upwards of 25 million farming families rely on coffee to survive, primarily in developing nations. And struggling farms are disproportionately vulnerable to the debilitating consequences of climate change. 

NCA members are deeply committed to sustainability. Just a quick review shows a wide range of initiatives that impact every part of the supply chain: improving the conditions at origin, recycling packaging materials, reducing emissions, developing eco-friendly facilities.  

There will always be more to do, but sustainability is now integral to the sector.

We’re facing a complicated and urgent challenge as an industry — but also an opportunity. This is our chance to be better, together. Whether it’s implementing an ambitious program on a global scale or demonstrating local leadership, every organization has the power to create positive change.   

The NCA is proud to recognize the important work that our members are doing. Check out our Sustainability Showcase to learn more about these initiatives and find out how you can get involved. For a deeper understanding of what sustainability means to the NCA, read our Terms of Reference.

The future of coffee depends on sustainability. And the stakes are higher than ever.


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"Coffee has a lot of potential to effect positive change in the world."
- Meredith Taylor, Sustainability Manager, Counter Culture Coffee