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Market Research


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The NCA Market Research Series

Single Cup Format 2015

Explore consumers' adoption and acceptance (or not) of this revolutionary brewing format.

Now with completely redesigned charts, analysis, and insights.

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National Coffee Drinking Trends

The industry’s gold standard for tracking U.S. coffee consumption trends since 1950. View the table of contents.

For the first time ever, the 2015 NCDT report offers an interactive online platform for creating custom reports.

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Supplemental Reports

The NCA produces periodic research to delve into consumption trends within specific demographics.

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Market Sizing

Monthly Market Sizing

The NCA issues monthly market snapshots based upon consumer panel data from StudyLogic. These reports are an NCA member benefit that offer instant insight into provide high-level changes in consumption.

StudyLogic's other offerings include U.S. Away-From-Home Restaurant/C-Store beverage data, U.S. Single Serve Beverage data and U.S. Single-Serve Machine data.


NCDT Interactive Custom Reports