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FSMA for coffee

The NCA Guide to FSMA for the Coffee Industry

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) radically changes how the U.S. governs food safety. The focus is now on prevention, instead of tracking problems.

After a six-year process, the final rules are out, with effective dates trickling in. But, compliance is proving as complex as the law itself, causing confusion and concern throughout the industry.

To help you navigate this the regulatory maze, we’ve compiled the following information on what compliance entails for the coffee industry.

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Training Resources and Templates

The NCA tapped coffee experts from all industry segments, from toxicologists to regulatory attorneys, to develop the only set of FSMA compliance tools specific to coffee.

Resources will inckude hazard analyses for green, soluble, and decaf coffee; model food safety (HARPC) plans; Foreign Supplier Verification Program guidance; Preventive Control training modules; and more. 

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