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NCDT Consumer Insight Reports

NCA Consumer Insight Reports 2020 

The new series of NCA market research breakout reports offers targeted, in-depth insight into key issues shaping today's coffee market.


The new series of NCA market research reports offers targeted, in-depth insight into key issues shaping today's coffee market, in partnership with Dig Insights.

These data snapshots offer deeper insight into some of the most dynamic categories covered in our flagship National Coffee Drinking Trends report - at a price point that's accessible for everyone. 

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As single-single evolves from an exciting trend to a mature market, opportunities to innovate, collaborate, and educate can be leveraged to change the conversation around single-serve systems.



A deep dive into the coffee preferences of different ethnicity and gender cohorts.


Understand consumer attitudes towards coffee claims - and their effect on buying behavior.


The relationship between coffee and health continues to be a heavily debated topic.

Cold Brew and RTD


The latest trend in coffee is driving industry growth. 

Coffee Preparation In and Out of Home Coffee Shop

Consumers are embracing a more mobile lifestyle, and coffee consumption trends are reflecting this change. 

Coffee Brewing

Everything you need to know about consumer usage, interest, and ownership of different coffee brewing methods.


Shifting the spotlight to American tea culture.

Gen Z


How the next generation is changing the rules and shaping the future of coffee.

Gourmet Coffee

This is an in-depth look at the impact of gourmet coffee drinkers on the coffee industry.

Coffee at Work

Learn how preparation options differ across work environments - and what employees really want.

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