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NCA Charity Showcase

Photo: Evan Gilman via Grounds For Health

The NCA Coffee Gives Back Charity Showcase

Supporting the coffee community.   


One of the things that makes coffee unique is that many organizations work, on a daily basis, to help those farmers who are struggling and strengthen the coffee community at origin.

These programs carry on their work in far and distant places month after month, often staffed by volunteers, often working to encourage long-term changes where the accomplishments take time to reveal themselves.

As part of the NCA Coffee Gives Back Program, this Charity Showcase is an online industry resource that will aggregate and highlight reputable charities dedicated to supporting the coffee community at origin. Our goal is to provide a platform for organizations to share their stories about their work – the facts, the people, the outcomes – and inspire new ideas in the years to come.

All eligible organizations are invited to apply; NCA membership is not a prerequisite for inclusion. Learn more


The 2018 NCA Origin Charity of the Year

Grounds for healthThe National Coffee Association is proud to name Grounds For Health as the first-ever recipient of the NCA Origin Charity of the Year Award. The 2018 award is generously sponsored by Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee.

Read the NCA news release.

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