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NCA Next Generation FAQ

What is NCA Next Gen?

The NCA Next Generation (“NCA Next Gen”) is a subgroup of the NCA founded in 2016. NCA Next Gen is committed to engaging with young professionals in the coffee industry and strives to create a platform for upcoming industry leaders to come together, network, and share their ideas and experiences in the coffe industry.

What does NCA Next Gen do?

The purpose of NCA Next Gen is to chart the future of our industry. Through events, committees, and strong leadership, the NCA Next Gen gives opportunities for young coffee professionals who want to get involved and make a lasting impact.

How does NCA Next Gen achieve its goals?

The Next Generation Council identifies, recruits, and engages the next generation of leaders in the US coffee industry. It encourages the under-40 coffee community to participate in the National Coffee Association by actively participating in and planning events, providing ongoing education, and promoting leadership and development among its constituents. Doing so will provide the Association and industry with a steady stream of future leaders across the spectrum of the industry.

How do I become a member of NCA Next Gen?

If your employer is a member of the NCA and you’re under 40 years of age, you are already considered a member of the NCA Next Gen community! Keep up to date on our events and other Next Gen news by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

How do I get more involved in the NCA Next Gen?

There are many ways to take your involvement with Next Gen to the next level! In addition to the ways outlined in this blog, Next Genners are welcome to join one of our two committees: the Communications Committee or the Events Committee. Committee meetings are held monthly, and active participation is expected. Click here to apply, and reach out to Matt Cariani, NCA Staff Liaison for the Next Gen Council, at mcariani@ncausa.org with any questions.

Also, be sure to follow us on Linkedin.

How can one contact NCA Next Gen with questions or comments?

Use the NCA contact form here and be sure to indicate you are inquiring about NCA Next Gen. You’re also welcome to message us on LinkedIn.

Does NCA Next Gen help with career and professional development?

Active membership in NCA Next Gen allows for great visibility among the NCA community as well as industry leaders. Networking and collaborating with fellow NCA Next Gen members at events also provides a valuable opportunity to establish industry-wide connections.

NCA Next Gen is always working on initiatives to help members develop their careers. Keep up with the latest professional development opportunities by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

What is expected of me as a member of the NCA Next Gen?

Active participation! NCA Next Gen is a growing, active group. To make the most of it, you must get (and stay) involved.

Are there additional dues associated with the NCA Next Gen?

There are no additional fees associated with participation in NCA Next Gen.

Who is on the NCA Next Gen Council?

The list of current NCA Next Gen Council members can be found here.