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American Cancer Society: Coffee Reduces Cancer Risk

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10 June 2020 | NEW YORK – Drinking coffee reduces the risk of multiple types of cancer, according to new American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines for lifestyles that lower cancer risk.

Citing a comprehensive body of independent scientific research, as well as global and U.S. dietary guideance, ACS concludes coffee reduces the risk of skin, mouth and throat cancer and likely reduces the risk of liver and endometrial cancer, as well.

A separate independent review released in May covering nearly 2.5 million people that found coffee is the only antioxidative food associated with a protective effect against skin cancer.

ACS notes that a single cup of coffee contains hundreds of natural compounds which may have anti-inflammatory properties and benefit metabolism, inhibit cell damage and the growth of cancer cells, and regulate genes involved in DNA repair. ACS also notes that antioxidants are thought to protect against cancer and should be consumed through whole foods. Coffee is the leading source of antioxidants in Americans’ diets.

“Amid a pandemic that has shown us the value of sound public health advice, new evidence of coffee’s health benefits is welcome good news,” commented Bill Murray, President & CEO of the National Coffee Association.

“From reducing risk of multiple cancers and chronic diseases to improving mental health,” Murray continued, “scientific evidence across the board shows that America’s favorite beverage contributes to longer, happier, healthier lives. All the more reason to pour another cup.”

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