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US Coffee Outlook 2019

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Matthew Barry of Euromonitor International will provide an overview of the US coffee landscape, discussing emergent trends and outlook for the category. Corporate consolidation, a maturing pod market and strong health and wellness trends are shaking up the category, providing threats to some formats of coffee while providing opportunities in others. This webinar will provide an overview both of the status of coffee in America at the start of 2019 and as well as predictions for the future direction of the category for the next several years.

This webinar will help answer:

  1. What are the underlying dynamics of the US coffee market?
  2. What growth opportunities are left in the maturing coffee pod segment?
  3. How are wider trends in American beverages boosting RTD and cold coffee formats?
  4. How are emerging trends in functional beverages being reflected in coffee?

Watch the video: Coffee Market Trends 2019

Matthew Barry, Senior Beverages Analyst, Euromonitor International
Mark Corey

Matthew Barry specializes in global trends in non-alcoholic beverages. He is particularly interested in how economic growth and changing demographics are affecting the global beverage industry. His insights have appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Beverage Daily, and he is a regular contributor to trade and industry publications. Matthew holds a degree in International Relations from Knox College and has been with Euromonitor International since 2015.

For additional information or questions please contact Matthew Cariani at mcariani@ncausa.org

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