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Single-Cup Brewing 2016: Plateau or Potential?

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Single cup has transformed the coffee industry over the past decade. This webinar will provide a picture on this maturing category. We will discuss:

  • Market data and emerging trends. What preparation methods are consumers using now? Is single-cup penetration continuing to grow?
  • Behavior of single cup owners. How often are they using their brewer? What are they brewing? What do they want to brew?
  • Attitudes of single-cup brewer owners. What is the perception of single-serve coffee?

Discover opportunities to leverage consumer behavior and attitudes, strengthening your company's position in the single-cup market.


Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards, Founder, Dig Insights, is one of the four founders of Dig Insights, a market research consultancy that focuses on the food and beverage sector. Prior to Dig Insights, Michael worked at Kraft Foods for several years. This allows him to bring a manufacturer perspective to market research. Michael has led the National Coffee Association’s National Coffee Drinking Trends study for over 10 years.

For additional information or questions please contact Matthew Cariani at mcariani@ncausa.org

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