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NCDT 2018

National Coffee Drinking Trends 2018

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Dig Insights Inc. Founder Michael Edwards will report on highlights from the 2018 National Coffee Drinking Trends Study. This study has tracked coffee and beverage consumption for over 60 years. He will share the changes being seen in 2018, in terms of what, when and where coffee is being consumed. This presentation will highlight those changes and discuss implications and opportunities for the coffee industry overall and for retail coffee / out of home coffee.



Michael Edwards, Founder, Dig Insights Inc.

Michael Edwards is one of the founders of Dig Insights, a market research consultancy that focuses on the food and beverage sector. Prior to Dig Insights, Michael worked at Kraft Foods for several years. This allows him to bring a manufacturer perspective to market research. Michael has led the National Coffee Association’s National Coffee Drinking Trends study for over 10 years.

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