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Cold Brew for Retailers: The Science & Data Behind the Hottest Trend in Coffee

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Cold brew has never been hotter. What hasn't kept pace, however, are clear guidelines, best practices, and regulations to help keep this product (and the customers who demand it) safe. Join Mark Corey, PhD., NCA Director of Science and Policy, for an overview of the trends driving cold brew's growth, the food safety science every retailer should know, and a look at NCA's all-new Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers.



Dr. Mark Corey, Director of Science and Policy, National Coffee Association

Dr. Mark Corey is Director of Science & Policy at the National Coffee Association. Dr. Corey oversees technical and advocacy issues on coffee science, regulatory, food safety, and health and maintains extensive relationships with partners in industry, academia, government, and NGO’s.

Prior to joining the NCA, Mark worked in the coffee industry at Keurig Green Mountain and Heartland Food Products Group in various Research & Development roles and served as volunteer Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group of the NCA for five years.

Mark completed his academic training in food science, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine, a Master of Science degree in Food Science at the Pennsylvania State University, and a doctoral degree in Food Science and Technology at the University of Georgia.

Cold Brew Safety Guide for Retailers

NCA's all-new guide for brewing, storing, and serving cold brew safely in a retail environment.

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