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FSMA for coffee

FSMA Resources for the Coffee Industry

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) radically changed the U.S. food safety system. The focus is now on prevention, instead of tracking problems.

After a six-year process, the final rules are out, with effective dates trickling in. But, compliance is proving as complex as the law itself, causing confusion and concern throughout the industry. Sweeping new regulations can challenge even the most experienced importers and manufacturers. 

So what does this mean for your business?

To help you navigate this regulatory maze, we’ve compiled the following information on what compliance entails for the coffee industry.

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Green Coffee Template

The National Coffee Association (NCA) and the Green Coffee Association (GCA) formed a task force of industry experts and experienced toxicologists to understand the implications of the latest FMSA regulations for coffee. 

The outcome of that work is the NCA/GCA Model Hazard Analysis Template for Green Coffee, a model checklist that details a FSMA hazard analysis for green coffee. And now, it's available to the entire industry.

This template should be used as a guide for assessing and ranking potential hazards. While the model must be applied to facilities' individual circumstances, it outlines an industrywide compliance protocol. In other words, importers won’t need to build a plan from scratch, and they can show this “industry standard” analysis model as evidence of compliance if inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Please note that the template is available at a minimal member and non-member fee to cover the costs of production. (And not including time and energy NCA and GCA members generously contributed to make this project a success.)

For questions about the NCA/GCA Model Hazard Analysis Template for Green Coffee, please contact Thrisha Andrews at tcandrews@ncausa.org.

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