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The NCA relies on key committees, comprised of dedicated member volunteers, to identify key industry priorities and drive strategic decisions. We strive to include a diverse range of perspective, opinion, and expertise on each of the NCA’s expert committees.

We encourage all of our members to get involved. Contact Donna Pacheco at djpacheco@ncausa.org for more information.

Scientific Advisory Group

The NCA Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) is the U.S. coffee industry’s preeminent authority on the science of coffee, caffeine and other coffee compounds, and among only a few widely acknowledged bodies worldwide devoted to the science of coffee and health.

Committee members hold decades of experience in areas that include: 

  • Epidemiology
  • Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Medicine
  • Food safety
  • Quality assurance

The committee meets regularly to discuss research, analyses and opinions from scientists and institutions around the world. SAG also maintains the industry’s most comprehensive database on coffee science.

SAG provides critical insight and guidance to the NCA on regulatory challenges that hinge on scientific or technical knowledge.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is the NCA’s catalyst to turn advocacy into action. It is comprised of NCA member company executives who hold senior positions in government relations, regulatory compliance, and public affairs.

Committee members contribute their expertise and insights for NCA policy and position development related to government actions impacting the coffee business. These policies and positions guide the NCA in our efforts to prevent federal, state and local legislation and regulation from impinging unnecessarily on business realities.

With their professional knowledge and contacts, committee members also expand the NCA’s circle of influence in Washington. The committee is tapped on a periodic, as-needed basis.

Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee

While the NCA Government Affairs Committee guides the NCA on matters of policy, the NCA Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee provides advice regarding how proposed legislation and regulations would play out in business operations.The committee explores technical, specific provisions and their operational impact and implications. Topics range from import/export practices, to transportation logistics to food safety protocols — and more.

Crossover with the NCA Scientific Advisory Group enables both groups to comprehensively address the details of operational matters. The committee is consulted on a periodic, as-needed basis.

Market Research Committee

The NCA Market Research Committee advises the NCA on theory and execution of market research initiatives. Committee members, who hold market research responsibilities at member companies, help the NCA design and deploy technically precise programs and products that have direct application to business strategies. The committee oversees the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends annual survey and report.

The committee’s role will broaden with the expansion of the NCA’s market research program into new areas, including current market sizing, prospective market analysis, and segment-specific performance measurement.

Public Relations Committee

The NCA Public Relations Committee plays an important advisory role in the NCA's ongoing communications efforts on behalf of the coffee industry. As public relations directors at NCA member companies, committee members bring a broad rangeg of expertise and perspective – which helps the NCA carry out its role as coffee’s advocate on a brand-neutral, pre-competitive level that can help protect members brands and reputation. 

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