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Quantifying Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for Coffee's Shelf Life

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Protecting the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of coffee throughout its entire shelf life has always posed challenges. Traditional methods, such as the destructive bubble test by submerging a coffee package in water, or headspace analysis with needle punctures to validate shelf life months or years in advance, have lacked a thorough solution. However, technology has now advanced enough to enable non-destructive testing of coffee's MAP. This is achieved immediately off the production line by assigning quantitative values to both good and bad packages. In today's discussion, we will explore how manufacturers can utilize a package's quantitative leak rate to reliably forecast shelf life, in alignment with the coffee market's green initiative.



Cole Laux, Business Development & Sales Engineering Manager - Package Integrity, INFICON

Since June of 2018 Cole has overseen new business development in the Mid and South Central US within the food and pharmaceutical packaging division for Inficon. Previous market making experience in the trading sector at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange helped him achieve a broad knowledge base in research, new opportunity identification, and implementation of strategies to develop original business processes. As manager for innovation projects at Inficon, performing duties in research analysis and client education has led to presenting his findings to the USDA in Washingtion D.C., Rutgers University, and packaging specific trade shows throughout the US.

Cole completed his MBA at St. Edwards University in 2020 and his undergrad in business at the University of Notre Dame in 2005.

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