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When Coffee Isn't Just Coffee:
Building the Business Case for Your Office Beverage Program

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Coffee is an important part of everyday life for most adults and a crucial part of the office working environment. According to NCA’s Spring 2023 National Coffee Data Trends Report, over two-thirds (66-69%) of Americans ages 25+ consumed at least one cup of coffee in the past day, and 32% of Americans reported having a coffee area at their workplace.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the valuable role a coffee and beverage program can play within the workplace and how it can serve as:

  • A communication tool to express company values

  • An important part of a wellness program

  • A way to support local and global initiatives

If you’re wondering how a beverage program can do all of that, grab a cup of your favorite coffee and join in on this informative webinar to gain a new perspective on the importance of specialized break room amenity programs in the work environment.

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Michelle Scott, National Account Executive - ORS, Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

Michelle has worked at Royal Cup Coffee & Tea in the Office Coffee for over 15 years.   The coffee and tea world have come a long way since she started, but one thing has never changed for Michelle or Royal Cup: a passion for producing and serving the best coffee and tea.

Her enthusiasm for the industry goes beyond the coffee or tea in her cup, as she believes in the value of strong and long-lasting business relationships.  Michelle has been fortunate to grow her business nationally over the years alongside wonderful coworkers who have become incredible friends.

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