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NCDT 2023: Specialty Coffee Report

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Samantha Evans of Dig Insights shares highlights from the 2023 NCDT’s Specialty Coffee Report, which focuses on espresso-based beverages and non-espresso-based coffee types, such as Cold Brew. Learn about which Specialty beverages are most consumed in 2023, along with demographic and attitudinal profiling to better understand who these Specialty drinkers are.



Samantha Evans

Samantha has been helping clients make data-driven, actionable business decisions for over 7 years.

Prior to joining Dig, Samantha spent over 8 years at Maru. Throughout her career, she has assisted clients across a range of industries including CPG, healthcare, tech, finance, public services, and advertising, with a focus on quantitative methodologies. She is actively involved with the National Coffee Data Trends tracking study, as well as other coffee research initiatives. 

Her love of coffee began as a barista at a café in her teenage years and continues to this day, in her search for the perfect latte. 

Samantha holds a BAH from Queen’s University, in Kingston, Canada with a major in Psychology and has completed the Professional Development Program offered by Women in Research (WIRe).

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