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Instant, Flavors, and Additives

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Historically, young coffee drinkers have entered the category through Instant coffee. How has the landscape of Instant changed over the years, and is Instant still considered the “gateway” to coffee? Join Cheryl Hung from Dig Insights in a decade-long deep dive of Instant coffee and how flavors & additives are related to this pantry staple.

    This walk down memory lane includes:
  • How has Instant fared over the years and what are the biggest growth opportunities with GenZ?
  • What flavors are most appealing and how can Instant win at home? In the workplace?
  • Barista-style oat milk, maple syrup, oh my! Who is driving the consumption of these innovative additives and what are their motivations?



Cheryl Hung, Vice President of Insights, Dig Insights

Cheryl’s career in market research began in a small boutique firm coding verbatims. She was quickly exposed to a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, providing her with opportunities to help clients solve their business issues with innovative approaches to analyze consumer behavior. Over the last several years, Cheryl has led the analysis on the National Coffee Association and Coffee Association of Canada's annual beverage tracking studies.