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Fourth Wave Coffee and the Home Coffee Revolution

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Here comes fourth wave coffee! The US coffee industry evolves in response to changes in consumer preferences and shifts in market conditions -- resulting in distinct market waves. The COVID-19 pandemic marked an unprecedented period of change in consumers’ coffee behaviors that will have long-lasting impacts on both foodservice and retail coffee brands. Whereas coffee shops have set the trends of previous coffee waves, fourth wave coffee will center on home drink innovation, creating key growth opportunities for retail coffee brands but placing pressure on foodservice coffee outlets.

Mintel discusses the future of fourth wave coffee trends. Learn how the pandemic spurred consumer interest in premium at home coffee experiences, how TikTok will shape coffee culture, how Gen Z’s unique coffee preferences will influence future coffee drink trends, and how bold innovation can help foodservice coffee brands remain competitive.



Caleb Bryant, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports, Mintel

Caleb is responsible for understanding consumer attitudes toward both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, identifying emerging industry trends, uncovering what consumers want from beverages and why, and track beverage ingredient/flavor trends. Caleb also has experience researching both the CPG food and foodservice industries. Prior to joining Mintel, Caleb worked on custom research projects for foodservice brands, foodservice suppliers, and CPG brands.  He has a background in research methodologies and quantitative/qualitative data analysis.

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