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Ensuring a Coffee Farmer for the Future

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The coffee industry’s most upstream and crucial actor, the producer, is fraught with unprecedent challenges in the face of market volatility, an inflationary economic period, and environmental threats.

This webinar will highlight challenges, trends, and opportunities facing coffee producers. How we as an industry learn and engage with this topic is crucial to ensuring thriving livelihoods at the farm level, which fundamentally contribute to the success of value chains across the coffee industry.



Riley Linder, Agriculture Value Chain Expert, Nestle Coffee Partners

Riley Linder has 10 years of experience working in agriculture value chain development. After receiving a MSc in Agricultural Value Chain Development from the Bern University of Applied Sciences HAFL, Riley has engaged with the academic, development and private sectors to drive change in smallholder value chains.  Previously he has led projects across various supply chains such as cassava, coconut sugar and tea. Most recently he is passionate about his work at Nestle Coffee Partners, largely dedicated to supporting the sourcing and sustainability efforts behind specialty coffee brands.

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