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Diacetyl: Hazard or Hype?

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Is your coffee workplace safe?

If you’re a coffee industry professional, you know that the coffee workplace isn’t known to be particularly hazardous. In fact, most of the risks, such as from hot equipment, are well know and can be easily addressed.

To help develop an understanding of these issues, especially diacetyl, NCA has conducted work which can provide guidance regarding safely managing potential risk. 

Please attend this NCA webinar on Wednesday, December 18th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern to learn more about the latest research and resources available to NCA members.



Dr. Mark Corey, Director of Scientific and Government Affairs, National Coffee Association USA

NCA's resident Coffee Doctor, Mark Corey, earned a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Human Nutrition from the University of Maine, a Masters of Science in Food Science and Technology from Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D in Food Science from the University of Georgia with a research travel allowance at the University of Milan in Italy. At the National Coffee Association, he oversees all science and regulatory matters, oversees the work of the NCA Scientific Advisory Group, and develops new resources for members regarding food and worker safety and coffee and health, among other things.


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