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Cybersecurity & the Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO):

The Business Case for Coffee Companies to Leverage Security-Forward Managed Services

In an effort to minimize downtime, improve IT security, and save money, more and more organizations are turning to Managed IT Services – services that combine proactive, reactive, and strategic IT guidance, support, and remediation for a fixed monthly fee.
Join us on this webinar where we'll review the strategic importance of managed services, compare traditional IT support to what Managed Services deliver, and how these Services can complement your current IT staff.
This webinar will cover:

  • The definitions of Managed IT, Security, and Virtual CTO (vCTO)
  • How a vCTO and Managed Services are meant to complement your IT staff
  • Why your business should adhere to IT & security best practices
  • How Managed Services for IT & security mitigate business risk
  • How accurate, detailed reporting and documentation are the keys to remediation, planning, and budgeting



Craig Teahen, Managed IT Services Practice Director, Net at Work

Craig is an innovative technology leader with deep expertise in leading cloud transformation, building industry-leading products and services, and growing profitable technology businesses. He has broad experience spanning startups to Fortune 500, dev to ops, and B2B to B2C, with extensive experience designing and deploying a complex products and managed IT solutions, including cloud transformation, high-volume apps, bigdata, dev-ops, global networks, market data, 24/7 global NOC/SOC, and enterprise collaboration.

Craig has consistently led the adoption of best practices including ITIL-aligned service delivery, agile application development, and product management lifecycle methodologies. He has a nuanced understanding of global mergers and acquisitions, with experience a diverse range of integration challenges across 30+ acquisitions.

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