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From Niche to Mainstream:
Tracking Cold Brew & RTD Trends

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In this webinar, Ananth Goundar of Dig Insights tracks the growth of the hottest cold beverage in town: cold brew and RTD coffee beverages. Leveraging the National Coffee Data Trends study, he will tell the story of how cold brew has grown over the years, examining the emerging trends shaping the dynamic landscape of cold brew and RTD products.

Find out the answers to the most pressing questions in these segments:

  • Who has been fueling cold brew's growth?
  • Where are coffee drinkers buying cold brew
  • What are consumers' unique coffee preferences and behaviors?



Ananth Goundar, Research Analyst, Dig Insights

Ananth's innate curiosity in human behavior combined with his analytical background propelled him towards a career in consumer insights. His passion for understanding the intricate nuances of human preferences often extends beyond his professional life at Dig Insights; He is an ardent coffee enthusiast who enjoys exploring the vast array of flavors coffee offers.

In addition to his research responsibilities, Ananth co-leads Dig's Diversity & Inclusion committee, demonstrating his commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Ananth's academic credentials include a BEng in Nuclear Engineering from Ontario Tech University and a Post-Graduate Research Analyst certificate from Georgian College.