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Packaged Facts will present all-new consumer survey data on the market for out-of-home coffee, including frequency of purchasing, channels purchased from, and frequent purchaser demographics, tied in to larger restaurant chain usage and retail product purchasing patterns.

This consumer insights presentation on the coffee-on-the-go (away from home) market will feature proprietary data from a June 2017 Packaged Facts survey, as well as other sources:

  • A third of U.S. adults buy coffee-on-the-go at least once a week; among these consumers, a fourth buy coffee-to-go daily.
  • 35-44 year-olds and urbanites are top consumers of coffee-on-the-go, and the Northeast, rather than the West Coast, is the prime region.
  • Among coffee-on-the-go consumers, the flavor of the coffee, convenience, price, speed of pick up, the aroma of the coffee, variety, and coffee flavoring options are all top considerations for choosing where to buy.
  • Nearly half of coffee-on-the-go consumers buy canned/bottled coffee drinks at retail, compared with only a fourth of U.S. adults overall.
David Sprinkle, Research Director, Packaged Facts
David Sprinkle

David Sprinkle is the research director at Packaged Facts and a specialist in food industry consumer insights. He has contributed to trade publications including Gourmet Retailer, Natural Products Insider, and Progressive Grocer, and presented at industry conferences including National Coffee Association, World Tea Expo, Healthy Beverages Expo, Fancy Food Show, Ingredient MarketPlace, and IFT Wellness. Book-length publications through Packaged Facts include Premium Consumers and the New Economy and Americans in 2020.

David has an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans, where he also taught business communications.

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