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National Coffee Association Membership Types

Please select your member type below to get started. You may also download a Membership Dues Policy for a detailed explanation of each member type.

Once you have selected your type, please either create an NCA account or login to join. NCA memberships are open to coffee-related organizations and corporations. The NCA member benefits are available to all full-time employees. An individual online should be created first. You will then be prompted to create or affiliate with your non-member company prior to joining.

If you have any problems with your account, contact us or call the friendly NCA staff at 212-766-4007.


Any business entity that sells or purchases, or causes to be sold or purchased, or is party to the sale of coffee in any form requiring further processing prior to consumer use, provided that the business entity or any of its related business entities do not roast coffee.

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To learn more about your dues level, first find your ‘Member Type’ based upon the descriptions above, and then review the NCA Dues Schedule.


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