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Lifetime Achievement Award

At the National Coffee Association, we have the opportunity to work with accomplished professionals from across the coffee supply chain. Occasionally, an individual will emerge as a driving force of change and influence, leaving a lasting legacy on the coffee community.

That’s what the NCA Lifetime Achievement Award is meant to recognize. The award is conferred on the basis of long-term, innovative achievement.

Nomination Process

All NCA members are welcome to submit a nomination. Following the Selection Committee’s recommendation, approval of the candidate must be made by a two-thirds vote of the NCA Board of Directors.

As with all NCA awards, the NCA encourages all members to submit nominations for the NCA Lifetime Achievement Award based on their contribution to the industry.

Nominations are due by Sept. 15. Please review the criteria for NCA Lifetime Achievement Award eligibility.


Submit a Nomination for the Lifetime Achievement Award


NCA Lifetime Achievement Award


Harvard Medical School, Professor of Neurology
Boston Children’s Hospital, Director of Neuroepidemiology



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Starbucks Coffee Company

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