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NCA Convention Speakers and Sessions

Road to Resilience

Amanda Lindhout

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped by a group of criminals while working as a freelance journalist in Somalia. For 460 days she endured experiences that forced the limits of her own capacity to survive. A dramatic release brought Amanda's next set of challenges- transitioning home and learning to live with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

During her struggle for both physical and mental survival Amanda learned how to find, and then harness, the innate inner resource of resilience. In this focused keynote based on her own incredible personal story, Amanda explores the critical components of resilience, including optimism, mindfulness, cognitive flexibility and awareness. She describes what qualities enable our aptitude to look inwards, and ultimately cultivate mastery over our circumstances.

She teaches that by developing a resilience practice anyone can train their mind to prepare for and rise above adversity, navigate uncertainty, manage stress, and improve the overall quality of their life.

Amanda's remarkable example shows that finding gratitude and forgiveness can liberate our full potential to live happy, healthy lives.

Say What You Mean in a Nice Way: Working Together Better in High-Tech Times

Sarita Maybin

Learn how to transform uncomfortable conversations into constructive communication in this upbeat presentation based on Sarita Maybin’s new book Say What You Mean in a Nice Way. Take away real solutions for communicating with compassion, kindness and civility—in person and online. Gain fresh insights on how to say what you mean and mean what you say in a nice way.

  • How to communicate with C.A.R.E. to create positive results
  • You’re Not the Boss of Me – How to gain cooperation when you’re not in charge
  • Do You Play Nicely? How to lead, follow or get out of the way
  • How to navigate dialogue dilemmas when communicating online
  • Are you a L.I.A.R.? – Four behaviors that make or break relationships



This Time Isn't So Different

G. Scott Clemons, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.    

The world is weird. From global pandemics to land wars in Europe, the past few years have been decidedly unique, although some more normal economic trends are starting to emerge. Join us for a consideration and discussion of the future path of economic growth, consumer spending, inflation, monetary policy, and what it all means for businesses and investors. 


The State of the Association

William "Bill" Murray, NCA President & CEO

The coffee industry has weathered a tumultuous couple of years – and we look forward to the remainder of 2023, where the NCA will be dramatically scaling up our operations in the form of more toolkits and resources, an expanded footprint in Washington to proactively fight for coffee, and much more. Join Bill for a reflection of our accomplishments in 2022 and a look at what the future holds for the NCA.


Coffee's "Convenient" Future

Tim Powell

In this session, Tim Powell, a long-term veteran in the c-store industry and a Principal in Chicago’s Foodservice IP, will give attendees a view of the convenience store segment, placing particular emphasis on the importance of hot dispensed beverages – namely coffee. Learn how best to determine what food service products to promote, necessary needs from a retailer, and best practices from other food service segments.


National Coffee Data Trends 2023:  A Story About Resilience

Cheryl Hung, Dig Insights

As we emerge from the fog of the last three years, join Cheryl Hung (Dig Insights) to catch up on the latest consumer coffee-drinking trends. We've all managed to find a little comfort in our favorite cups and that's contributed to the overall resilience of the coffee category. How will consumers move forward from here (and what coffee types will accompany them?) on this journey to reinvention in the post-Covid era? 
Learn about: 
-The state of coffee drinking in-home vs. out-of-home. 
- Coffee in the workplace 
-The hottest cup of cold coffee out there - cold brew! 
- And some of the attitudes & perceptions coffee drinkers have that drive purchasing decisions as they navigate in a high inflationary environment.


The Demand for Cold Brew: Understanding the Insights and Trends Impacting this High Growth Beverage Category

David Henkes, Technomic

This session will look at the foodservice market for cold brew coffee, providing insights into the size, growth, segmentation and outlook for cold brew coffee. As part of this presentation, Technomic will provide insights into current consumer attitudes and behaviors, operator insights into the menu, and the outlook for sales over the next 3-5 years.


Coffee and the Anxiety Economy: The Future of Energy in a Stressed-Out World

Matthew Barry, Euromonitor

The American consumer of 2022 is under high levels of stress, barraged by inflation, geopolitical turmoil, and the generally frantic pace of modern life. Yet amid these historically high levels of stress, the desire for coffee and other caffeinated beverages only continues to grow. How long though, can this be expected to continue? In this session, Euromonitor International will look at the future of caffeine consumption in the US and the role of coffee specifically, highlighting ways the coffee industry can adapt to the changing needs of the increasingly anxious consumer.


What’s up With Coffee Prices -- And What Might 2023 Hold for the Brazil Crop?

Albert Scala

Albert Scala will discuss the current state of coffee prices, what happened in 2022, and the likelihood that history will repeat itself. He'll also look at what we can expect for coffee prices in 2023 and take an especially close look at the expectations for the Brazil crop and whether we can expect more volatility in the future.



Mintel’s 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends: What They Mean for the Coffee

Caleb Bryant, Mintel

 Discover new coffee market opportunities through the lens of Mintel’s 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends. This presentation will review the impactful trends within the food and drink industry and how coffee brands can respond to consumers’ evolving needs during a period of economic uncertainty. Learn how coffee can be an affordable luxury for stressed consumers, how brain-boosting coffees will keep consumers productive, and why brands are taking a less serious approach to the coffee market.


Climate Change's Impact on Origin

Jonathan Haines & Sylwia Padiasek, Gro Intelligence

Gro Intelligence’s research analysts will explore the current and future risks climate change presents to individual regions, helping those sourcing coffee to make better short- and long-term procurement decisions. Our speakers provide a comprehensive look at the ways climate change will affect global coffee production and procurement decisions over the next century


Yes, Coffee Is Good for You

Dr. Farin Kamangar 

Many human, animal, and laboratory studies have assessed the health effects of coffee consumption. Over the past 15 years, the majority of long-term prospective studies of humans have shown health benefits from coffee drinking. This presentation summarizes some of the salient results from these studies.



How NCA's Resources can Help your Business and What's Coming Down the Pipeline

Mark Corey, PhD

 Mark Corey, PhD., NCA Director of Science and Policy, will give a preview of the new scientific toolkits and resources in the pipeline for NCA members in 2023. From cold brew and labeling updates to food contact materials and foreign supplier verification, NCA will deliver more valuable resources to its members than ever before in 2023. Learn what's coming and how your coffee business can take advantage.


The Future of Coffee Roasting

Wim Abbing, Probat

The coffee industry is a truly globalized industry when discussing supply chains. Although it seems that production and consumption still follow mostly local trends, more and more global ideas and developments move the markets. In some parts of the world, we experience an acceleration of more sustainable and/or digital processes. In this session, the participants discuss how those trends might change coffee roasting in the coming years.


National Coffee Data Trends 2023 - Specialty Coffee

Megan Rankin, Dig Insights

Join Megan Rankin (Dig Insights) to learn about the latest trends in specialty coffee consumption, with a focus on espresso beverages and non-espresso-based beverages. Topics in this session will include:
- What specialty beverages are most consumed in 2023? Which beverages have experienced the most growth since the start of the pandemic?
- Who is more likely to drink specialty beverages? What sets these coffee drinkers apart from those who drink traditional coffee?
- Do specialty consumers have different attitudes and perceptions than other coffee drinkers?


Cupping for All Levels

Dan Pabst, Melitta

Whether you are an experienced cupper, Q-grader, or a novice who’s always wanted to try cupping like an expert, this session is for you.  This hands-on cupping workshop will allow advanced cuppers the opportunity to sample some unique coffees while also teaching basic cupping skills for those looking for cupping 101. Don’t miss this chance to experience some great coffees and learn an exciting new skill along the way. 


IWCA Luncheon - Sustainability and Women: Why it matters

Michelle Burns, Starbucks Coffee Company

Michelle Burns is Executive Vice President of Global Coffee, Social Impact & Sustainability for Starbucks Coffee Company. In her role, Michelle drives the company’s strategy to support a thriving business powered by thriving people for a thriving planet and communities, always with coffee at our core. Contributing more broadly to Starbucks culture, she is the executive sponsor for Starbucks’ Indigenous Partner Network and serves on the board of The Starbucks Foundation. Outside of the company, Michelle is a member of the Women’s Foodservice Forum and serves on the Board of Directors for FareStart and the National Coffee Association.


NCA NextGen: Risk in the Coffee Market

Ryan Delany

Managing risk in the coffee market begins with mindset. From there it branches out into a diverse array of facets from ethics and mental health to market analysis and hedging.  In this interactive lecture, we discuss the role of different participants across the coffee supply chain and the tools that are available to manage risk.



The Future of Responsibly Sourced Coffee

Stephanie Alcala, RGC Coffee

With climate change and sustainability now at the forefront of every conversation, the demand for responsibly-sourced products has never been greater. RGC's Stephanie Alcala will first ask the question, “what is responsibly sourced coffee?” before exploring prevailing consumer trends, academic research, and industry initiatives that are all striving towards securing a sustainable future for coffee. Attendees will leave this session with a firm understanding of "responsibly sourced," the new theory of "Doughnut Economics," and today's consumer preferences.