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NCA Seeking Exemption for Coffee from Tariffs on EU Imports
8/5/2019 - Coffee is yet again caught in the cross-fire of escalating global trade wars, with duties threatened - or imposed - on coffee in retaliation for unrelated disputes. NCA continues to formally protest these tariffs, seeking exemptions for coffee if necessary, and is in close touch with international allies who may also be affected.

Dietary Guidelines

Coffee and the US Dietary Guidelines: NCA Submits Comments to 2020-2025 DGAC
7/25/2019 - The NCA submitted comments to inform the DGAC about the large body of scientific evidence that is available on coffee and health.


NCA Joins the Sustainable Coffee Challenge
6/26/2019 - The NCA has joined the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, an open, non-commercial, pre-competitive initiative facilitated by Conservation International.


NCA Seeking Exemption for Coffee from China Tariff War
6/17/2019 - There have been continued developments for coffee involving the escalating tensions between the Trump Administration and China over tariffs and trade.

Prop 65

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Prop 65 - State of California Approves Exemption for Coffee
5/31/2019 - "The science is clear: Not only have independent researchers concluded, over and again, that coffee is not carcinogenic - there is ample research concluding that coffee may be protective against certain kinds of cancer, as well as beneficial for other health conditions."


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