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NCA Staff

President & CEO

William (Bill) Murray

I take my coffee hot, black and fresh



Director of Scientific & Government Affairs

Mark Corey, Ph.D.

I take my coffee black, sweet, and darker roasted. And at 162.4 degrees °F.



Director of Administration/Assistant to the President

Donna Pacheco

I don’t always drink coffee, but when I do it must be NCA Convention time 



Director of Member Relations

Theresa Bartlett

I take my coffee with a little extra milk



Director of Events and Member Services

Doreen Madigan

I take my coffee black



Senior Manager of Education, Research, and Digital Media

Matthew Cariani

I take my coffee freshly ground and black



Customer Service Manager

Thrisha Andrews

I take my coffee light and sweet



Digital Content Manager

Kyra Auffermann

I take my coffee by the gallon


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