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Coffee’s challenges and opportunities in 2020 and beyond require ambition and investment at great scale than ever before. None of us can match that scale alone, which is why NCA is committed to serving as the voice of coffee’s future and the future of coffee’s voice. This is NCA Next.

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More than 150 million Americans power their days with coffee — coffee wakes us up, fuels our breakthroughs, nurtures our relationships, and provides a break from the hustle. Coffee is more than just a drink. It’s a community, a culture, a market, an art, a science, and a passion.

For more than a hundred years, NCA has been proud to be the voice of coffee in the United States from crop to cup. From Geneva to Washington D.C. to Sacramento, scientists and governments have affirmed coffee’s role in a healthy diet, and NCA has led the charge to ensure consumers can drink up with confidence.

Every cup of coffee starts with a coffee farmer, so our industry is going above and beyond to join efforts to make sure farmers can grow more coffee, more sustainably than ever before. When coffee farmers thrive, we all thrive, and by striving to make coffee resilient in the face of climate change we can all succeed together.

We’ve made this message clear in Washington and internationally, independently and with partner NGOs. We are committed to making coffee the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product as a partner in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

“Coffee is good for the people who drink it and good for the economy. We are working to make sure it’s good for the people who grow it and good for the planet.” -- Bill Murray, CEO and President

This is coffee’s story. Our rich past and promising future touch millions of farmers, workers, and coffee drinkers every day. It’s NCA’s job to bring our story to life. That’s why we are taking this opportunity to launch NCA Next. Here you’ll see where we’ve been and where we’re going - together.

Experience NCA Next (PDF Download)

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