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U.S. Amazon Coffee Category Brand Scoreboard from Hinge Global

The Coffee category on Amazon is growing by 35% year-over-year, and new brand entrants are evolving extremely quickly. Coffee businesses selling on Amazon should consider subscribing to Hinge Global’s US Amazon Coffee Category Scoreboard to keep track of what is happening in this dynamic environment and gauge their performance relative to key competition.

The HINGE GLOBAL Coffee Category Scoreboard for US Amazon tracks brand sales and pricing across four coffee segments: Single Serve Capsules and Pods, Ground Coffee, Whole Bean Coffee, and Instant Coffee. This enables you to keep track of your e-commerce performance relative to your key competition.

You will access this data using their interactive dashboard, which will allow you to sort results and filter data, as well as export results into excel.

The subscription length is a minimum of 6-months, with fresh data being updated every week. You will be billed $650 every month for 6 months.  Note: If your NCA membership lapses during your subscription, you’ll be reverted to standard, non-Member pricing.

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