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Convention Speakers

NCA 2018 Convention Keynote Speakers

Connections beyond coffee.

Each year, the NCA selects keynote speakers who can inspire our audience in unexpected ways. We look for exciting ideas, local influencers, and special stories to capture your imagination.

Some of the topics may surprise you. But sometimes, a new perspective can change everything - it's called "the power of weak connections."

And, you'll get exclusive insights into the state of the coffee industry and the never-before-seen 2018 National Coffee Drinking Trends report.

We're excited to share this year's lineup of keynote speakers:


Candy Chang

Candy Chang | Artist & Urban Designer


James Kane

James Kane | Loyalty Expert


Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush | Tax & Legal Policy Expert, Principle of The Washington Update


Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards | Founder, Dig Insights


Scott Clemons

Scott Clemons | Chief Investment Strategist, Brown Brothers Harriman