The NCA Market Research Series, comprises of studies with distinct foci that expand the breadth and depth of actionable market intelligence available to the industry to propel strategic planning and product development. The National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) has been the industry’s gold standard for over 60 years. This study provides a broad range of key data and analysis about American coffee drinkers, such as, average daily consumption for the past day, week and year; how, where and when coffee is consumed, including both home and workplace consumption; how often coffee is consumed, during which times of day, and in what quantities, and much more. Coffee and Ethnicity takes a deep dive into the distinctions in coffee consumption habits among U.S. ethnic groups. Reflecting the proportional makeup of the U.S. population and engaging both English and Spanish questionnaires, this study examines consumption patterns among Hispanic-Americans, further broken down by levels of acculturation and countries of origin, as well as African-Americans. The Single-Serve Format: Evolving Perceptions, Continued Growth takes a deep dive into trends, behaviors and attitudes surrounding consumer adoption of the single-cup format.


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