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This document represents the proceedings of the National Coffee Association (NCA) / Anacafe (National Coffee Association of Guatemala) Issues Management Forum (IM Forum) conducted over three sessions: one online and two in-person

Presentation at 2007 NCA convention of coffee sustainability at Kraft Foods

Sustainability presentation at the 2010 NCA Annual Convention in Dana Point highlighting the next big step on the sustainability journey for the coffee industry: sustainable packaging. Discussed insight into current trends and the industry's shift to sustainable packaging, including an overview of the various packaging options currently available and emerging trends.

This presentation is part of the session titled: "Sustainable Packaging: The Next Step". These slides discuss where we currently are with sustainable packaging and where we want to go. Bio-laminates are highlighted as a possible future material and what benefits they may bring to the sustainable packaging picture.

This presentation is part of the session titled: "Sustainable Practices, Certifying Success" at the 2010 NCA Annual Convention in Dana Point. These slides discuss Vietnam as the largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world and the certification programs in that country. Focuses on Utz certifications.

This presentation is part of the session titled: "Sustainable Practices, Certifying Success". These slides discuss sustainability from the perspective of Columbia and the 4C organization. Achievements and challenges of 4C are discussed along with polices and the role of the FNC in working with 4C.

IWCA Fundraising Luncheon presentation by Michael Gaviña at the 2010 NCA Annual Convention in Dana Point. The presentation focused on Gaviña & Son's journey to sustainability and the topics of social and environmental responsibility.

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COFFEE REPORTER NEWS: NCA Annual Convention 2014 breaks all-time attendance record

The old saying, “records were made to be broken,” may become the new mantra for the National Coffee Association when it comes to New Orleans. This year’s 103rd NCA Annual Convention, just like the 2011 Centennial Convention, broke another all-time attendance record.

PRESS RELEASE: Consumers Shifting to Gourmet Coffee Options, Says New NCA Market Research

Coffee Continues to Widen Lead over Soft Drinks, Daily Consumption Strong but Steady

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COFFEE REPORTER NEWS: NCA Files Comments on Latest FDA Rules for FSMA

NCA has filed comments with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to convey industry positions on the latest set of proposed rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

COFFEE REPORTER NEWS: Study Boosts Evidence that Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk

A recent review study confirmed wide-ranging scientific evidence that coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

COFFEE REPORTER NEWS: Study Says Coffee Trims Risk of Fatty Liver Disease

Review Study Confirms Coffee Reduces Risk of Disease

The Online Coffee House Experience

NCA Creates Online Coffeehouse New Website - MyVirtualCoffeehouse.com - Captures and Celebrates The Coffee Lifestyle and Culture