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List of notable accomplishments of the NCA during the first 100 years of the association

Presentation of top line results for 2011 NCDT study at Centennial convention

Dr Aderemi Banjoko

This presentation is part of the session titled: "Spotlight on Producing Countries" at the 2011 Centennial Convention in New Orleans. These slides profile the Rwandan coffee industry including its history, current status, plans for the future as well as challenges and opportunities.

In today’s turbulent economic and political landscape, risk management practices have become critical to the protection and stability of businesses in the coffee sector. The modern tools of the trade, exchange-traded derivatives and over the counter products, are often maligned and misunderstood, but can serve a valuable role in hedging price risk and enhancing profitability. Gain some valuable insights and observations on incorporating options and other derivatives into your risk management toolkit.

This presentation was part of the pre-conference symposium titled: "Coffee, Culture, and Development" at the 2011 Centennial Convention in New Orleans. These slides discuss the latest evidence that points to coffee being healthful rather than detrimental for health as has long been the belief by doctors and consumers. Studies are cited and data reviewed that show the numerous health benefits of coffee.

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