U.S. Away-From-Home Restaurant/
C-Store Beverage Data

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STUDYLOGIC is the most comprehensive source when it comes to Away-From-Home Restaurant Beverage syndicated data. Our data tracking covers all segments of the restaurant industry. Our data includes consumer reported purchases, consumption and company sharing for reconciliation purposes. This data will report on the Unit and Sales size of the restaurant industry segmented by Hot Brewed, Iced Brewed, Hot Espresso, Iced Espresso and Blended. It will provide a details share of top brands and YOY performance within the restaurant industry. We are making a Scorecard Report of this data available to NCA members at a discounted rate in order for all members to share in this valuable data offering.

This highly valuable data also contain the % top brand market share within the following segments:


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STUDYLOGIC Scorecard Price Levels


Monthly Delivery (1 x Per Month/12 Forward Months)
$1350 for Non-Members and $995 for Members


Quarterly Delivery (4 x Per Year/Forward Months)
$550 for Non-Members and $395 for Members


One-Time Annual Delivery (1 x Per Year)
$350 for Non-Members and $250 for Members

  • Hot Coffee
  • Iced Coffee

Data Offering Summary:

These scorecards come in the following period formats:

  • Annual data with equivalent historical
  • Quarterly Data with equivalent historical
  • For more complex reporting contact STUDYLOGIC (tdusi@studylogic.net)


  • Overall restaurant industry beverage cup unit volume & sales size
  • Beverage Mix Composition (of unit volume & sales)
  • Overall Top Brand Share % share (of unit volume & sales)

Report Format:

  • PDF delivered via email