Check out the My Virtual Coffeehouse consumption promotion campaign video to get an entertaining sneak peak at the campaign in action.

A Campaign Celebrating Coffee

NCA has taken a fresh new approach to celebrating coffee. It’s a nationwide communications campaign to promote consumption by spotlighting coffee and its iconic role in American culture. The campaign celebrates coffee in its broadest context, including the beverage, the lifestyle and the experience.

The campaign is built around a unifying theme that captures coffee’s category-spanning allure: coffee is an iconic beverage that enhances life in many distinctive ways. Like its theme, campaign initiatives are multi-faceted and designed to appeal to a wide audience using an array of communications channels and techniques.

Robust Results
Giving the campaign a thematic core, message anchor and public-facing brand is an innovative web presence housed at www.MyVirtualCoffeehouse.com. Together with strong social media extensions, the website unleashes a new concept in virtual environments – the world’s first online coffeehouse experience.

It’s a concept that ideally frames the campaign’s theme by linking the multi-dimensional takeaways from the coffeehouse experience with the multiple life-enhancing qualities of coffee at the foundation of the campaign. In line with coffee’s life-enhancing qualities, the MyVirtualCoffeehouse site spotlights coffee’s sensory, social, culinary, cultural, lifestyle, entertainment, cause-related and health-promoting benefits and associations.

Like at your local coffeehouse, you can immerse yourself in the spirit, ambiance and activities that echo the coffee experience and lifestyle, including conversation, shared interests, original music, menu favorites, recipes, health and fitness news, coffee-centric quizzes and contests, “steals and deals” on coffee-related items, cause-related consumption, coffee facts and folklore, product memorabilia, and much more.

In its first year, MyVirtualCoffeehouse had attracted a huge audience that continues to grow rapidly. Unique visitors to the site had reached 160,000, a jump of 380% since July 2013.

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Social Media
MyVirtualCoffeehouse.com is the campaign’s nerve center, but its branded social media platforms are its arms and legs. Under the MyVirtualCoffeehouse brand, consumers get a personal stake in campaign features, activities and messages on dedicated Facebook and Twitter platforms. A mobile app will also bring the campaign to consumers’ smart phones and tablets.

Relentless activity on Facebook and Twitter is attracting engaged consumers in droves. Each day, tens of thousands of consumers are being reached in compelling and strategic ways. Frequent posts are crafted to attract audience attention, deliver campaign messages and drive consumers to MyVirtualCoffeehouse.com.

Accordingly, varied posts are used to achieve these objectives – piquing consumers’ interest with wistful images, intriguing facts and popular videos while delivering breaking news on scientific studies on coffee and health; promoting contest, games and other features to drive them to the website; and engaging them on topics that align with campaign messages.

The MyVirtualCoffeehouse Facebook page “likes” has increased exponentially to nearly 40,657. This rapid increase in month-to-month growth has skyrocketed 280% in the past 10 months.

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On Twitter, followers had reached more than 133,742, a 215% increase in ten months.

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Mobile App
Adding another dimension to social media channels is a mobile app for Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. The app - "CoffeeandMe" -  expands the campaign’s reach by capturing and delivering MyVirtualCoffeehouse features particularly suited to the tastes and technology needs of mobile users.

The app features a prominent section on cooking with coffee, including over 100 coffee-based recipes plus dozens of graphics and photos and a “food cam” to enable users to share their coffee cuisine creations. The app will also include health tips, original music submitted by users, a fan wall,  and other features. 

Editor Outreach
MyVirtualCoffeehouse.com and its social media satellites house campaign content and structure direct consumer outreach. But, campaign messages are delivered in other ways as well. 

The campaign also researches and shares breaking news on coffee and health, product innovations and cause-related endeavors. Of course, this information is shared on the website and social media pages, but it’s also actively promoted to traditional print and broadcast media nationwide.

Despite changes in the media environment, traditional editor outreach is still regarded as an important support structure for any communications effort. Accordingly, the campaign also features a strong editor outreach component based on established personal and cultivated contacts with media. Campaign content and messaging is persistently delivered in strategic and creative ways with editors, bloggers, medical writers, freelance journalists and others across the entire spectrum of print, broadcast and online media.

To date, campaign messages have been delivered to hundreds of traditional print, broadcast and online outlets, and total media impressions have since topped 335 million among the publications that have run stories based on campaign content and messages are:

  • New York Times

  • Gannett

  • NBC

  • Ladies’ Home Journal

  • CNN

  • Forbes.com

  • AARP

  • NPR

  • ABC

  • WebMD

  • Men’s Health

  • Prevention!

  • Huffington Post

  • Yahoo.com

  • Redbook

  • USA Today

Market Research
Another important campaign element helped structure the messaging base, and so preceded the launch of the other elements described above. NCA conducted targeted market research to determine what messages would resonate best with consumers and get the biggest “bang for the buck” in achieving campaign objectives. Initial strategic planning led to the development of four tentative messages, which were presented to consumers for response. Fifteen hundred consumers were presented with one of the four concepts and asked questions related to how the messages would impact the likelihood of their drinking more coffee, or more frequently, and why.

The results showed that “coffee and your health” had the greatest potential to increase coffee consumption. Two of the other concepts also ranked solidly, but to a lesser degree than the health message, namely “enjoying a cup with a friend” and “coffee helps me get things done.”

In line with the research, website content and navigation was optimized to deliver the right messages in the most effective ways. This underlying market research continues to provide a conceptual and strategic base for the campaign, driving content selection and presentation, social media posting strategies, and editor outreach initiatives.

Industry Participation
The NCA consumption promotion campaign would not be possible without the generous support of a wide spectrum of industry members. NCA is deeply appreciative of their support. As noted above, their participation has yielded amazing results in a short period of time.

NCA would like to recognize contributors to the NCA consumption promotion campaign for making this unfolding industry success a reality. Going forward, NCA looks forward to continued industry support to keep the effort going strong and to expand the campaign and its successes in 2014.

NCA Consumption Promotion Campaign Supporters








American Instants Inc.

International Coffee & Tea, LLC

Autocrat, LLC

INTL FCStone Inc.

Beans & Brews Coffeehouse

Midwest Coffee Trading Co.

Berthold Vollers GmbH

Moplaco Trading Private Limited Company

Coffee Board of India

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co.

Continental Terminals, Inc.

National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia

   Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co. Ltd.

Pacific Bag, Inc

Efico NV/SA

Paris Brothers, Inc.

Ellis Coffee Company

Red Diamond, Inc.

Finca Mi Tierra

Toper Roasters

Hagedorn & Company

VICAM, A Waters Business