The industry’s gold standard for over 60 years, consistently tracking annual coffee consumption trends of U.S. consumers since 1950.




NCDT 2014 Infographic

The report focuses on:

  • Daily beverage consumption for the past day, week and year
  • How, where and when coffee is consumed, including both home and workplace consumption
  • How often coffee is consumed, during which times of day, and in what quantities
  • Consumption by life-stage and age
  • And much, much more.

You’ll also find assessments of consumer attitudes about various coffee drinks, flavor additives, and the effect of the economy on U.S. coffee consumption.

Whether you’re a marketer, roaster, manufacturer, trader, wholesaler or distributor, NCDT 2014 is the vital resource to help you better target your best customers, strategically market your brand and plan for future products.



Get answers to your most pressing consumption questions with the NCDT 2014:

  • Are American adults consuming more coffee?
  • Which demographic is consuming more gourmet coffee beverages on a daily basis?
  • Is growth in the single-cup segment showing signs of deceleration or is it contuning to climb?

With so much valuable data available in the 2014 edition of National Coffee Drinking Trends, you owe it to yourself and your business to order your copy today. Why wait?


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